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Sabbath Rest and COVID Reflection

Those who follow this blog will note that I have not posted a sermon the past two weeks.  This will remain through to mid-September.  Lutheran Bishops and their assistants across Canada have taken turns to provide a sermon for each week.  The intent is to allow clerics to take some much needed rest/vacation time, and allow them to be filled by the Word. I am taking Friday and Saturdays as vacation days - so far a blessing.  For access to hearing the Word from the Bishops visit
I am grateful for their gift!
As I enter a sabbath rest, I realize how much I have changed over the past three months.  I am in a schedule that is comfortable in a sense that it marks my days with a structure and purpose. I am enjoying how the church has adapted to the world in which we find ourselves. I have initiated practices (many of them only wishful thinking before COVID) that I hope to keep as life continues to change.
I practice being …

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