Tuesday, March 21, 2023

TOGETHER WE KNOW - Romans 12: 11-13


Do not lag in zeal; be ardent in spirit; serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; persevere in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints; pursue hospitality to strangers.  –Romans 12: 11-13


This verse from Romans describes the Resurrection family and our attitude in the weeks since our annual meeting. As a community we have been taking on tasks, dreaming, and reflecting. We have done this with enthusiasm and passion. Today’s reflection shares some of the contributions and invites the community to continue reflecting on ‘what could be’ and ‘what my contribution will be.’




PRAYER – thank you to Mary and Shirley who have encouraged via email by specifically noting their prayers for the church and this community. Many of you pray. Your participation through a perseverance in prayer during this transition process is welcomed.


TIME – Thank you to those who taken the time to reflect on “What Could Be’ and ‘What My Contribution Will Be.’ Thank you to those who listened to the presentation on the theme of redevelopment.


COUNCIL  - “What Could Be’ – council member’s visions (prepared before the annual meeting) are posted in the church hall. After church on Sundays there has been a growing excitement as people read the ideas of others. Council continues with zeal and members are ardent in spirit, making decisions and working in many directions with a common purpose. Each council meeting begins with members finishing the sentence, “You know what I love about this church…” This exercise reminds us why we are passionate about this community and doing God’s work.

 How would you finish the phrase, “You know what I love about this church…” Please share your responses by responding in the comments or sending an email to the church halifaxlutheranchurch@gmail.com  


At council on Wed. night the following items were decided or reported on:


·         Decision made to participate in the first steps of redevelopment with Kindred Works (Synod partners with this group). This step is a visioning and capacity survey. Donors have come forward pledging most of the cost of this service. We are ready to start this step ASAP.


·         Property – matters of insulation in all parts of the church/hall have been investigated and videoed; the physical property and zoning have been researched;


·         Outreach – partnerships are being considered; new users welcomed into the hall; monthly events planned for interaction with the neighbourhood (some with a financial benefit too).


You will notice that council did not do the second part of the exercise, stating what their contribution will be. They are reflecting on that piece now. We give thanks for the contribution of council members who are working together and each taking on tasks and duties. Your passion and dedication is encouraging and infectious. Thank you for your positive attitudes!


PASTOR KIMBER -  You will have noticed that Pr. Kimber did not add a ‘what could be’ to the conversation. This is not for a lack of ideas. This comes from what she has learned in clergy coaching. The framework of ‘Together We Know’ is her creative expression to walk with the congregation through transition. It is the voices in the community that are to be heard and reflected on; this becomes everyone’s discernment and action to create what will be in five years time.


Pr. Kimber did do the ‘What will my contribution be,” it reads like a job description:

1)      Hostess           

a.       Attentive and graceful

b.      Conversation starter

c.       Create a safe space for discernment work

2)      Curator

a.       Taking input and distributing

b.      Responsibility of inviting/including all voice

I promise to participate in this process starting in my belief that:

Grace changes everything! Because of this grace actions are #forthehealingoftheworld



Persevering in prayer, we pray as directed in Devotion 2:


Create in us clean hearts, O God, and renew a right spirit within us. Keep us ardent in spirit, filled with passion, and focused on being a community who acts #forthehealingoftheworld.  Amen.

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